Environmental Management

How does climate change affect your critical resources and operations?

Changes in our environment and weather patterns create new risks that could one day catch your organization off guard.  Such changes in weather patterns include more serious droughts, more serious flood events, plus flooding or drought in locations that do not bear a history for it. Drought events, even in locations with no history of severe drought, have the potential to dry up water resources for drinking, hospitals, manufacturing, and other uses.  Rising sea level increases the vulnerability of coastal properties in many ways.  Surprising as they are, understanding these risks provides organizations with decision-making power to connect with locations and resources that work in harmony with and support their mission.

Create a mutually-beneficial relationship between your organization and the environment.

Gradient Planning offers environmental management consulting services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Climate change planning
  • Conservation planning
  • Water permitting