On January 21, 2018, Kate Novick and Sal Nesci from the Regional Water Authority, presented on “Ready for Anything- The New Science of Leadership and Service” at the Young Professionals Symposium at the NEWEA Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.


ResiliencyOn January 23, 2017, Kate Novick presented “Incident Management Planning” at the New England Water Environment Association’s Annual Conference.


iStock_000014311039XSmallKate Novick is featured in a DVD issued by AWWA in July 2018 titled, “Emergency Preparedness Response for Water Utilities.”


Acadia National ParkGradient Planning LLC entered into a formal partnership with Hitachi Consulting earlier this year.  We are pleased to announce the completion of our first project through this partnership- a Business Continuity Plan for Acadia National Park.


Water UtilityOn June 3, 2014, Marian Long, PE, CSP will lead a session at the NEWEA Spring Meeting at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, ME titled The Ice Storm of 2013:  Perspectives on Emergency Preparedness.  After presentations by the Director of Emergency Management for Hancock County, Maine, and a member of the Maine WARN Steering Committee, Marian will make another presentation titled Planning for Extreme Weather Events and Beyond.


Storm ComingGradient Planning’s Marian Long is bringing her expertise in risk engineering and emergency preparedness to the Hancock County LEPC in Maine.   The LEPC convened on February 26, 2014 and elected her its chairperson.  We congratulate Marian on her new appointment.


ResiliencyOn March 4, 2014, Kate Novick, PE, CSP presented with Jim Flynn, Senior Manager Treatment & Distribution with the South Central Regional Water Authority, on A Case Study- The Benefits of Business Continuity Planning at the ATCAVE Annual Training Conference in Waterbury, CT.


waterOn September 25, 2013, Marian Long, PE, CSP of Gradient Planning opened the plenary session at the Risk Management, Emergency Preparedness, and Business Continuity Planning Symposium for Water and Wastewater Utilities. Kate Novick, P.E. of Gradient Planning presented on The Benefits of Business Continuity Planning. This event was sponsored by the New England Water Works Association and NEWEA.


ResiliencyOn March 22, 2013, Marian Long, PE, CSP, presented on business continuity planning as part of a Cumberland County Emergency Management Seminar focused on emergency preparedness for long-term care facilities.


iStock_000014311039XSmallOn February 27, 2013, Kate Novick, PE, CSP presented on Why Invest in Business Continuity Planning at the ATCAVE Annual Training Conference in Cromwell, CT.


Demming CycleOn January 28, 2013, Marian Long PE, CSP, presented on Strengthening Resilience through Risk-based Preparedness at the NEWEA Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.