Kate Novick


Kate Novick, P.E., C.S.P.
Managing Director, Gradient Planning, Connecticut

Kate Novick, P.E., C.S.P, Managing Director, Gradient Planning, Connecticut
Kate Novick is Managing Director and founder of Gradient Planning LLC, a consultancy that helps manage risk and safeguard life safety, critical resources, reputation, and operations from natural disasters, technological crises, and human-caused threats. She is a professional engineer in environmental engineering and a board certified safety professional and has dedicated her life’s work to helping clients protect their mission during emergencies by shifting organizational culture to energize practices that develop readiness, strength, and resilience.

She is a water and wastewater industry leader in emergency management practices and co-led the creation of the 2011/2012 Water Research Foundation’s Business Continuity Toolbox for Water and Wastewater Systems. She served on the AWWA M19 Emergency Planning for Water Utilities Manual Committee and was featured as an expert on the AWWA Emergency Preparedness Response for Water Utilities DVD released in July 2018.

Her expert service over the past 20 years has been applied in many industries including federal, state, and local government organizations like the National Park Services and U.S. Navy; state and regional public health organizations; local towns and cities, critical infrastructure, and non-profits.

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